Sales Jobs are Changing: How to Keep Up and Keep Talent

  • Harry Danz
Sales team working together to keep up with virtual selling.
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A 2020 Gartner survey predicts that 80% of B2B sales interactions will be virtual by 2025. Another study by Forrester shows that 40% of B2B reps planned to modify their sales tactics to include online sales in 2020.

The future of sales will be virtual. Sales teams will need to learn new tools and tactics and keep up with evolving trends in sales management. For example, value-based selling and providing relevant solutions to specific pain points will become the norm. Sales will no longer be generic but directed toward buyers’ specific problems in sales funnel optimization.

Hiring quality sales talent won’t be as easy as it used to be, and prospects will likely have less interest in in-person sales. As hiring talent becomes more complex, many companies have already begun outsourcing sales to utilize a wealth of knowledge for a mere fraction of the cost.

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