yorCMO and Sales Xceleration® Forge Strategic Partnership

Sales Xceleration and yorCMO form Strategic Partnership
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Indianapolis, IN – July 17th, 2023 — Sales Xceleration®, pioneer in fractional sales leadership, is excited to announce our strategic partnership with yorCMO, the premier provider of fractional marketing services. This partnership brings together two industry leaders with complementary expertise to provide integrated marketing and sales support to businesses that are ready to reach their full growth potential.

The partnership between yorCMO and Sales Xceleration is a catalyst for empowering businesses to overcome marketing and sales challenges collaboratively when needed. By leveraging the strengths of both organizations, our clients can benefit from a holistic approach that aligns marketing and sales strategies with a strong emphasis on delivering tangible revenue results.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sales Xceleration,” stated Joseph Frost, Co-Founder at yorCMO. “Together, we provide a holistic solution to our clients’ growth needs by seamlessly integrating marketing and sales expertise. Our unified approach empowers businesses to achieve their marketing and sales goals, expand their networks, and unlock new opportunities for success.”

Our partnership brings forth a dynamic, win-win situation for yorCMO and Sales Xceleration clients. Together, we can offer when needed a seamless integration of marketing and sales, covering everything from sales and marketing strategy development, lead generation, brand/value prop positioning and sales enablement.

yorCMO and Sales Xceleration are excited about the tremendous potential this partnership brings and are committed to delivering unparalleled service and support to their clients.

About Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration provides outsourced sales leadership to small and mid-sized businesses, ensuring they achieve their sales growth goals. Our experienced Sales Consultants offer expertise in all aspects of sales leadership – from strategy development to team management and coaching. Our Advisors are here to help and can provide free sales consultations.

Contact an Advisor today for more information about how yorCMO and Sales Xceleration can help you reach maximum success in today’s competitive marketplace.

About yorCMO

yorCMO is the industry-leading provider of fractional marketing services, offering businesses access to top-tier marketing professionals on a fractional basis. Their team of experienced marketers delivers strategic guidance, executional excellence, and measurable results, enabling businesses to accelerate growth, enhance brand presence, and drive revenue.

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