Sales Xceleration Holds 1st Annual Conference

  • Sales Xceleration Team
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Over 25 Advisors from all over the United States traveled to Indianapolis recently for Sales Xceleration’s first Annual Conference. This year’s theme was Xcelerate Your Freedom. This theme was selected because every Advisor joins Sales Xceleration, in part, to pursue the freedoms they lack: financial freedom, control of their future, better work/life balance, a desire to “make a difference again,” the elimination of corporate bureaucracy, and the desire to utilize their accumulated wisdom and skills differently. A freedom that is quite different than what was important to us 10 to 20 years ago.

We gathered for the three-day event to share best practices, learn from each other, develop new relationships, and discover what Sales Xceleration has planned for the coming years – and with that many Sales VPs in one place, a little fun was also on the agenda, too. In addition, Advisors were introduced to three new product offerings to simplify their sales process and “xcelerate” not only their revenue, but their clients’ revenue as well!

Best Practices – Guest speakers presented on several issues affecting business owners in the small business market and how those issues impact our Advisors’ leadership roles when serving their clients. A few Sales Xceleration Advisors also presented their own best practices and success stories to share what they have learned with the rest of the team. These discussions were extremely well received, leaving all in attendance with new ideas on how to improve their own business. That’s the benefit of having over 800 years of sales experience in one room!

Advisor Collaboration – Sales Xceleration Advisors are the best and brightest sales leaders in the country, and the Annual Conference was the perfect venue to gather, toss ideas around the room, share experiences, and brainstorm future product offerings and Advisor support. Once again, the value of wisdom encompassing 800+ years spanning diverse industries was impressive, to say the least. We are truly excited about what the future holds for our Advisors and their clients!

Product Offerings – We were pleased to unveil three new products to our Advisors and their clients. They include:
1. An Online Diagnostic Tool – Sales Xceleration Advisors now have access to a totally customized Online Diagnostic Tool that rates the effectiveness of a business owner’s sales infrastructure in four key areas. It also expedites the discovery process of current Sales Xceleration offerings. Are you curious how your company would rate?

2. A Marketing Opportunity Locator – This tool provides a systematic, simple way to align and implement a sales strategy. It creates a target market map for an ideal customer, helping them understand who their core customers are, how to market directly to them, identification of their real competition, and the exact language their customers use to talk about their brand.

3. A Content Marketing Service – This product is instrumental to help businesses get their message out, builds their reputation as an expert and thought leader and identifies warm prospects who clearly demonstrate interest in their business. Our clients’ sales teams will now be able identify and penetrate new markets.

From the pre-conference activities (a golf outing or a behind-the-scenes tour of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) to the closing remarks, excitement, energy and education were the common themes shared in a post-conference survey.

The conference was a huge success, in large part due to the active participation of our Advisors. Each Advisor has tremendous sales leadership experience and holds true to our Sales Xceleration Mission Statement:  Integrity, character and ethics, lived out in service for our clients.

Stay tuned for information on next year’s conference (the rumor on the street is it could be somewhere warm!)