Sales Xceleration Expands with 9 New Fractional Sales Leaders

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Sales Xceleration Expands, and Welcomes 9 New Fractional Sales Leaders
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Sales Xceleration Expands, and Welcomes 9 New Fractional Sales Leaders

INDIANAPOLIS, IN – January 9th, 2024 – Sales Xceleration®, a leading provider of Fractional Sales Leadership, is proud to welcome nine new Outsourced VPs of Sales to its organization. As part of Sales Xceleration’s mission, these new Fractional Sales Leaders will further empower business owners and senior leaders to scale their sales operations. Drawing from their wealth of experience and proven success in driving sustainable sales growth, these seasoned sales leaders are poised to implement our Certified Sales Operating Management SystemTM. Together, they will assist small to mid-size businesses who are looking to maximize their revenue growth potential.

David Buonfiglio, with 23 years of experience, serves his community in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
With a vast experience in business development, David builds sales teams, drives revenue, and creates innovative products. As a passionate coach, he inspires people to become business consultants, not salespeople, and excels in public speaking and seminars.

Tom Crawford, with 30+ years of experience, serves his community in Louisville, Kentucky.
Tom is an experienced sales leader, specializing in increasing sales revenue and margin, growing a sales team, developing sales processes, and structuring sales compensation plans for growth.

Michael Heim, with 30+ years of experience, serves his community in Phoenix, Arizona.
Michael is a seasoned sales executive with over 30 years in Sales, Sales Management, Business Development, and C-suite roles. He has a passion for driving revenue, building teams, and implementing processes.

Joe Knotts, with 12 years of experience, serves his community in Jacksonville, Florida.
As a proficient sales leader, Joe helps organizations aggressively pursue revenue growth through strategic development of their sales plan, people, and processes.

Jane Lee, with 25+ years of experience, serves her community in Detroit, Michigan.
Jane is a dedicated team player with strong leadership skills who is results and detail oriented. She has a proven track record in developing high-performing sales teams and is an expert in growth strategies, relationship-building, and driving revenue.

John Mullins, with 38+ years of experience, serves his community in Houston, Texas.
With 30+ years as an exec in SMEs & Fortune 500 firms, John is a seasoned sales expert with proven results. As Principal of Sales Execution LLC, he utilizes Sales Xceleration’s platform to build unique strategies, top-tier teams & deliver efficient sales outcomes for clients.

Michael Renderman, with 30+ years of experience, serves his community in Chicago, Illinois.
Michael is a veteran sales leader with over 30 years in direct sales and sales leadership roles. He excels in scaling sales teams, enhancing processes for revenue growth and driving robust sales amid economic challenges.

Jean Marc Terral, with 30 years of experience, serves his community in San Diego, California.
Jean Marc is a skilled business executive with a focus on sales and business development. He has experience with billion-dollar firms and start-ups leading large teams and initiating new business. In the last few years, he has found it fulfilling to share his extensive experience and help smaller organizations grow.

Tom Theobald, with 25+ years of experience, serves his community in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Tom is a seasoned sales leader with 25+ years in sales and leadership who builds trust, leads successful teams, and fosters growth. His expertise in hiring, developing top talent, and implementing winning strategies ensures his clients’ success.

“We are thrilled to welcome ten new Fractional Sales Leaders to the Sales Xceleration family,” expressed Kelly Crandall, Visionary of Sales Xceleration. “Our Fractional Sales Leaders will implement a Certified Sales Operating Management System™, expertly integrating it into businesses to build a sales infrastructure for sustained growth. This expansion further empowers us to deliver on our mission of delivering a path to freedom and success for our clients.”

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