Sales Xceleration and Objective Management Group Partner to Optimize Your Sales Team

  • Sales Xceleration Team
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Indianapolis, IN – September 5th, 2023 — Sales Xceleration, the pioneer Outsourced Sales Leadership Company, is proud to announce a partnership with Objective Management Group (OMG), the leading provider of sales team analyses, salesperson evaluations, and sales candidate assessments. This alliance combines Sales Xceleration’s experience in helping companies build and optimize their sales organizations with OMG’s expertise in assessing if sales people can actually execute their company’s strategies.

Sales Xceleration Outsourced VPs of Sales (OVPS) implement the proper sales processes for long-term success while also assessing the sales teams they are working with to identify any areas that require improvement.

By combining OVPS services with OMG’s powerful assessments, clients will gain critical insights into the effectiveness of their sales organization as a whole.

“We are thrilled to bring a new level of expertise to our clients through our new partnership with OMG,” said President of Sales Xceleration, Maura Kautsky. “This collaboration provides our clients an even greater level of service as they can now use the assessment to determine if the right team is in place for continued growth.”

OMG’s assessments are based on 30 years of data collected from over 2 million assessments, providing actionable insight into each salesperson’s 21 Sales-specific Competencies. They also provide recommendations on how best to develop each individual’s skillset so they can reach their maximum potential.

OMG’s assessments are a comprehensive tool for evaluating individuals and entire sales team. They measurea salesperson’s tactical selling skills, motivation, sales-specific beliefs, and other key traits that are essential for success in today’s competitive environment. By using the OMG assessment during engagements, our VPs of Sales will gain insights into the people component of our client’s business, allowing them to understand which areas require additional attention when building or optimizing sales teams.

“Our goal has always been to give our clients the tools they need to build effective sales teams,” said Ben Tagoe, Chief Executive Officer of Objective Management Group. “By partnering with Sales Xceleration, we hope that even more businesses can benefit from our proven assessments and get the results they need.”

This new partnership between Sales Xceleration and OMG was designed to provide an invaluable tool for companies that are looking to maximize their sales performance. With access to both organizations’ industry-leading resources and expertise, clients can be sure that their sales team is effective and performing at its highest potential.

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