Meet Sales Xceleration’s Newest Fractional Sales Leaders Ready to Transform Your Business

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April 2024 Class
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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – April 23rd, 2024 – Sales Xceleration®, the leading expert in Fractional Sales Leadership, is thrilled to unveil the expansion of its team through their newest Outsourced Vice President of Sales (OVPS). These Fractional Sales Leaders bring with them not only a wealth of sales leadership expertise, but also the proven strategies required to deploy Sales Xceleration’s Certified Sales Operating Management System™, which is instrumental in propelling substantial sales growth.

These experienced sales leaders are set to empower small to mid-size business owners to scale their sales operations across the United States and Canada:

Mike Adams, with 25+ years of experience, serves Boston, Massachusetts.
As a proven sales and marketing leader, Mike excels in crafting and executing strategic initiatives that drive revenue growth, market expansion, and brand recognition from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Bob Harvey, with 35+ years of experience, serves Southern New England.
As an experienced sales leader, Bob has built, fixed, and led high-performance sales organizations to double and triple-digit growth in revenue and or gross margins.

Chad Kessler, with 25+ years of experience, serves Newark, Delaware.
With a track record in strategy, revenue growth, client relationships, and sustainable account expansion, Bob is an expert in sales, sales leadership, and strategic planning.

Scott Lee, with 38+ years of experience, serves Naples, Florida.
Scott is an accomplished business and technology executive, specializing in sales strategies, team leadership, driving revenue, optimizing systems for value to customers and shareholders.

Eduardo Parodi, with 30+ years of experience, serves San Diego, California.
With experience building, training, and driving Domestic and International businesses to profitable performance, Eduardo brings a customer-focused perspective, leading effective sales organizations.

Troy Rosser, with 30+ years of experience, serves Mobile, Alabama.
As an expert in sales management, market expansion, team building, with experience in Sales Leadership, Troy has led global sales as SVP, driving growth and customer satisfaction.

Mark Schulert, with 27+ years of experience, serves San Bernardino, California.
Mark has extensive experience in sales, marketing, business development, and executive leadership, with a proven track record of delivering results for diverse and complex markets.

Todd Snelgrove, with 25+ years of experience, serves Southeast Michigan.
With expertise in structuring sales functions and empowering teams for success, Todd specializes in tailored solutions to optimize sales strategy, driving revenue and margin growth.

Stefano Walker, with 25+ years of experience, serves West Vancouver, British Columbia.
With experience in sales development, revenue growth, and relationship building, Stefano has a passion for helping small business owners achieve their growth goals by building proven and sustainable sales infrastructure systems.

“We’re excited to introduce our newest consultants, each bringing unique skills and experiences that promise fresh perspectives and innovative sales solutions,” stated Tom Gardner, Chief Community Officer at Sales Xceleration. “Their arrival not only enriches our team but also opens new avenues for collaboration and growth. It’s a privilege to welcome such talent to our community, and we are confident that they will elevate their clients’ success to new heights.”

About Sales Xceleration®

At Sales Xceleration, our mission is clear: to build a path to more sales for our clients through our Certified Sales Operating Management System™ and the guidance of our Outsourced VPs of Sales.

Our proven system, expertly implemented by Certified Sales Leaders, is built from time-tested tools and resources, designed to elevate sales performance through the core elements of Strategy, Process, and Execution. To learn more about Sales Xceleration® and the services offered, visit our website.

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