Accelerating Success with Sales Xceleration’s Five New Fractional Sales Leaders

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Five new fractional sales leaders at Sales Xceleration Training
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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – August 15th, 2023 – Sales Xceleration®, a leading provider of fractional sales leadership, is proud to announce the addition of five new Fractional Sales Leaders to their team. This expansion comes on the heels of the company’s tremendous success in helping sales organizations to reach peak performance. Embodying the company’s mission to further empower business owners and senior leaders in scaling sales organizations, these new executives bring with them a wealth of experience and a proven track record in driving sustainable growth.

Ken Hubbard, with 23 years of experience, serves his community in Sarasota, Florida.

Leading sales teams is what Ken loves to do, with experience in sales leadership and sales leadership training, sales management, and sales recruiting both in the United States and internationally. He aids local small to mid-size businesses in hitting growth targets and brings experience and success to their organizations.

Mark Spencer, with 23 years of experience, serves his community in Denver, Colorado.

Mark is an experienced sales leader with a background in exceeding sales targets and assembling and leading sales teams, including training and mentoring. He specializes in Sales Consulting, Business Evaluation, CRM and Sales Strategies, and Sales Processes.

Todd Twete, with 30 years of experience, serves his community in Missoula, Montana.

Todd’s entire professional career has been dedicated to the art and discipline of selling. His extensive experience with start-up companies as well as larger organizations provides a unique insight as to what strategies, sales infrastructure, and accountability are required to act as a sales builder and support businesses that are struggling to realize sales and/or are suffering from flat or declining sales.

Blaine Watts, with over 25 years of experience, serves his community in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Blaine is an accomplished executive sales leader, delivering expert guidance and strategic direction to organizations seeking to optimize their sales performance and drive revenue growth. He empowers small to mid-size businesses to achieve their commercial objectives and elevate their competitive advantage.

“Our Fractional Sales Leaders play a pivotal role in our progressive business model,” stated Kelly Crandall, Visionary of Sales Xceleration. “Their diverse experiences and innovative approaches continue to redefine the path to success for our clients. With our expansion, every new Advisor contributes not just to our shared knowledge, but also enhances our mission through their unique sales leadership experience. We are delighted to have them on board, contributing to our vision of transforming sales organizations and driving exponential growth.”

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