Leading with Heart: Sales, Marketing, and Servant Leadership

Leading with Heart: Sales, Marketing, and Servant Leadership
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In this insightful episode, Maura Kautsky, President of Sales Xceleration, joins Joseph Frost of yorCMO to discuss the evolving roles of sales and marketing in the C-suite. Maura emphasizes the need for clarity in roles, the power of fractional leadership, and the integration of AI in sales and marketing strategies.


  • C-suite Time Management: C-suite leaders should focus more on their core responsibilities and less on peripheral meetings and tasks.
  • Fractional Leadership Benefits: Fractional sales or marketing leaders can provide specialized, part-time leadership, particularly useful for growing companies.
  • Importance of Role Clarity: Clear role definitions in an organization prevent overlap and inefficiency.
  • AI in Business: AI should enhance, not replace, human expertise, particularly in sales and marketing.
  • Adapting to Technology: Companies must stay informed about technological advancements and integrate them appropriately into their strategies.
  • The Need for a Sales Playbook: Documentation of sales strategies and processes is crucial for consistency and success.
  • Founder’s Dilemma in Sales: Founders should delegate sales roles to qualified sales leaders to focus on business growth.
  • Empowering Teams: Leaders should empower their teams to manage their time effectively and focus on their primary responsibilities.

To listen to the Podcast episode, click here: https://www.fractionalcsuiteretreat.com/