How to Build a Strong Culture While Managing a Remote Sales Team

Remote employee participating in a virtual sales team meeting.
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Recent job vacancies are causing problems for businesses: Fewer people are entering sales, and key business contacts are seeking new positions elsewhere. Companies need to learn how to build company culture virtually, but not every leader knows how to build a strong culture with a remote team.

Company culture can be defined as a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices of a company and its employees. It’s the company’s image portrayed by employees and perceived by potential talent. Leaving company culture unattended and uncultivated can have detrimental effects on how you retain employees.

Building a sales culture is all about inclusion, camaraderie, resilience, and embodying servant leadership. People want to feel valued and driven by a purpose that matters.

Sales organizations should focus on creating a remote work culture because 25% of all professional jobs in North America are projected to be remote by the end of 2022, and remote opportunities will continue increasing through 2023, according to data projects from career site Ladders. The impact of remote work on company culture can’t be understated. It’s important to adapt to remote team engagement and find ways to ensure everybody feels and experiences the company culture. Take time to have conversations to let people share more about themselves and learn and laugh together.

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