Build a Solid Sales Infrastructure for Sales Growth


“In times of uncertainty, create structure” – Sir Ernest Shackleton, Explorer

Is your business in an uncertain spot?  Are you not sure what to do to jumpstart sales growth?  

Follow the words of Mr. Shackleton.  His story of leadership is an amazing one.  He kept his crew alive in the early 1900’s for over a year when his ship became stuck in the ice in Antarctica.  An amazing feat for that period! One of the keys to his success was creating structure that every member of his team could follow day in and day out. This structure allowed them to focus on the task at hand versus getting caught up in their situation.  The team trusted the process … and that led them to survival.

Do you have the structure you need to thrive?

Every highly-productive sales force, whether the company is big or small, has an infrastructure and proven process in place that allows the team to thrive and produce results every year.  That structure helps remove some of the variables that come from running a business.  Implementing such an infrastructure will allow you and your management team to effectively lead your sales team to execute at an elevated level.

Start with the basics:

Building a solid sales infrastructure to support both the sales team and sales management is of the utmost importance for increased and sustainable revenue growth, specifically:

  • Developing a customized, written sales business plan and revenue plan by salesperson, by product, and by month;
  • Implementing a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM);
  • Developing a custom sales process for each product line and programming it into the CRM. This enables business owners and sales management to tell at a glance which stage in the sales process each opportunity is in, and what needs to be accomplished in order to move each opportunity to the next stage;
  • Developing key performance indicators (KPIs) – forecasting models to track how the sales team is doing; and
  • Defining the structure and content for productive weekly sales meetings.

Bottom Line:

At New England Sales Solutions powered by Sales Xceleration, we know that any sales and business growth comes with structure.  Without a solid sales infrastructure as a foundation, your organization will struggle to produce consistent results. When we are called in to assist a business, we work with you side by side to build a solid, time-tested, results-proven structure to realize growth.  Regardless of when we enter the situation as your advisor, we help you manage the uncertainties associated with sales and build a foundation that will help you and your business to thrive for years to come.