Achieving Sales Excellence: A Strategic Roadmap for B2B Companies with Revenues Below $100M

Two executive sales leaders working on achieving sales excellence.
Reading Time: 2 minutes

B2B companies with revenues below $100M find themselves at a unique intersection of challenges and opportunities in a dynamically evolving and highly competitive environment. B2B companies that both form and execute an organizational sales strategy will far outperform businesses that operate without the guidance of a well-defined sales strategy. The path to success for the enterprise (and the individual within the enterprise) is paved with strategic decisions, tailored approaches, and a deep understanding of market needs and demands. CEOs and company leaders are the architects of this journey, tasked with crafting a sales blueprint that is visionary and grounded in actionable steps.

This five-part blog series aims to be a beacon for these leaders, shedding light on all critical sides of building an actionable and robust sales strategy. Over this series, we will delve into four of the most pivotal topics, each a building block in the tower of sales excellence.

Four Focal areas for this series:

  • Defining the Target Market: Navigate the nuances of identifying your ideal clientele, ensuring your sales and marketing efforts hit the mark every time.
  • Developing a Compelling Value Proposition: Learn to articulate the distinct benefits and solutions your offerings bring, setting you apart in a crowded marketplace.
  • Competitive Positioning: Discover strategies to carve out a unique market stance, ensuring your company stands tall amidst competitors.
  • Choosing Effective Sales Channels: Unravel the intricacies of selecting the right avenues to connect with and engage your target audience.


The remaining 12 areas for additional focus:

  • Adjusting Strategy Based on Market Changes: Stay ahead of the curve by adapting your sales strategy to evolving market dynamics.
  • Understanding the Buying Cycle of the Prospect: Dive deep into the journey of your potential clients, tailoring your approach to resonate at every stage.
  • Sales Team Structure and Training: Explore best practices in organizing your sales force and equipping them with the skills to shine.
  • Leveraging Technology in Sales: Harness the power of modern tools to supercharge your sales operations and gain invaluable insights.
  • Building and Nurturing Relationships: Master forging and nurturing client relationships that stand the test of time.
  • Pricing Strategies and Negotiation: Delve into the world of pricing and negotiation, ensuring you strike competitive and profitable deals.
  • Sales Metrics and Performance Indicators: Understand the metrics that matter, keeping your finger on the pulse of your sales initiatives.
  • Feedback Mechanisms: Implement robust systems to gather and act upon client feedback, driving continuous improvement.
  • Sales Collateral and Presentation: Craft sales materials that inform and persuade, resonating deeply with the B2B audience.
  • Overcoming Sales Objections: Equip your team with strategies to navigate challenges and turn objections into opportunities.
  • Expanding into New Markets: Chart new territories and strategize your entry into untapped markets, driving growth.
  • Post-Sale Engagement and Retention: Build strategies to keep your clients engaged post-purchase, fostering loyalty, and creating upsell opportunities.


As we embark on this series, we aim to provide a bird’s-eye view of sales strategy and a deep dive into its early and formative components. Each post will offer conceptual understanding and practical insights, ensuring CEOs and company leaders have the tools to drive growth and outpace competitors. Whether you’re looking to refine an existing strategy or chart a new course, this series promises to be a valuable companion on your journey to sales mastery.