Dennis Boyle is the owner and founder of Seacoast Dx, a firm specializing in helping businesses grow their topline revenue using a focused commercialization strategy. Dennis combines his experience in sales and marketing with the proven Sales Xceleration framework to ignite and accelerate growth for his clients.

Business CEO thinking with employees in the background

Questions CEOs Ask Themselves Daily

Early this year, I attended a networking event in Maine with a panel of six top CEOs from the Portland area. The focus of the panel was “60 Ideas in 60 Minutes.” This was a fascinating group that provided anecdotes on what made their businesses so successful and identified the key drivers to their success. This group made me think about several of my favorite quotes such as: “Be open to the different and do not let fear hold you back,” “When it comes to people, slow is fast and fast is slow,” and “Culture is paramount.”

Tried and True Lessons of Selling

Learning from history Over 30 years ago, The McGraw Hill Company published an advertisement about the importance of print advertising with potential clients.  Essentially, the advertisement revolutionized why it is important for sales professionals to ensure their advance work is done before a sales call. While print advertising is not as effective today, other forms…