SMB Demand Continues for Sales Infrastructure & Leadership Skills

  • Jim Becher
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INDIANAPOLIS, IN – February 11, 2020 – Sales Xceleration Inc. provides the tools and a platform to enable experienced Sales Management Leaders to create a fractional business that serves small to mid-size organizations by designing and building a sales infrastructure to spur revenue growth. These businesses often do not have the budget to support a highly skilled sales leader, but by offering a fractional model, Sales Xceleration Consultants are able to provide their services in an affordable way.

“As economic growth continues, many businesses reach a point where they cannot increase revenue without implementing solid sales processes and professionals that will systematically drive long-term earnings.  This group is passionate about serving their local communities and are ready to use their sales leadership skills to make a difference for many organizations in their backyard,” said Mark Thacker, President, Sales Xceleration, Inc.

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About Sales Xceleration

Sales Xceleration provides business owners with an experienced Sales Consultant to drive sales growth when it is needed most. Sales Xceleration Advisors build sales engines to create record-breaking growth for your business by:

  • Creating Your Sales Plan
  • Finding Your Best Customers and Sales Team Members
  • Growing Your Sales