Payroll Human Resources: Revitalizing Sales Strategy for Sustained Growth

Company Profile

CHS Payroll is a renowned Payroll Service Company that has been skillfully managing payroll processes for its clients for over two decades. With 30 dedicated staff members, the company has made a mark in the industry owing to their precision, reliability, and customer-centric services.

Sales Success Snapshot

Q1 Sales Exceeded the Entire Prior Year by 13%

Built a Detailed, Documented Sales Process

Created Sales Playbook with Cold Outreach Scripts & Training Modules


For most of CHS Payroll’s history, their business grew through recommendations and referrals. However, to move this business forward and achieve their 5-year vision, a more direct, outbound sales approach was needed.

Despite its seasoned tenure, they faced a plateau in top-line business growth due to a series of strategic sales gaps. The company wrestled with an absence of a coherent sales process or stratagem, lacked significant metrics or KPIs for performance evaluation, and its CRM system remained largely unexploited.

Solutions Strategy

The initial step involved reaching out to a Sales Xceleration Outsourced VP of Sales. This move was imperative for identifying underlying issues within the sales department and devising a robust solution strategy.

To overcome these hurdles, key components of the Certified Sales Operating Management System™ were implemented, focused on invigorating the company’s sales structure and capability:

  1. Sales Strategy Deployment: Initiation of a robust sales strategy entailing Industry Positioning, Competitive Landscape Analysis, Value Proposition outline, and a detailed SWOT Analysis.
  2. Website Revitalization: Overhaul of the company website to echo and bolster the new sales strategy.
  3. Sales Process Development: Creation of a meticulous, codified sales procedure coupled with alignment of the pipeline stages.
  4. Recruitment of a Sales Leader: Undertaking a rigorous headhunt to locate and recruit the ideal sales leader for the company.
  5. Sales Playbook Creation: Compilation of a comprehensive Sales Playbook, including cold outreach scripts and training programs.
  6. Structured Sales Meetings: Implementation of weekly structured L-10 sales meetings and personalized coaching sessions for sales representatives.


The alignment of the CRM system with the newly instituted sales process and the integration of activity based KPIs, yielded a remarkable turnaround in sales performance. Within the first quarter, the company’s sales volume remarkably surged past the total of the prior year’s by an impressive 13%.

Utilizing an Outsourced Vice President of Sales (OVPS)

Leveraging the expertise of Sales Xceleration’s Outsourced VP of Sales was a game-changer for CHS Payroll, revamping sales strategies, enhancing the recruitment of pivotal sales personnel, and optimizing their sales tools.

The sales leader’s extensive experience coupled with implementation of the Certified Sales Operating Management System™ made it possible to identify key areas for improvement and provide effective solutions that resulted in significant growth for the company.


The success story of CHS Payroll is best encapsulated in the glowing testimonial from the Founder and CEO, Jacob Witriol:

From helping us recruit outstanding sales leaders to building cohesive and high-performing sales teams, you've been the guiding force behind our achievements. Your caring, consistent and structured approach has created a culture of growth, both personally and professionally for all team members.

This resounding endorsement highlights the substantial impact our Outsourced VP of Sales had on the company’s culture and growth trajectory.

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