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At Sales Xceleration, we drive revenue growth for small to mid-size businesses by building robust sales strategies, solid sales foundations, and providing effective team management.

Our Private Equity and Portfolio Company clients experience accelerated growth and increased enterprise value through our Quality of Sales offering—a proven process that remains effective long after our experts leave.

Our Advisors have a proven track record of collaborating with PE Firms

Maximize Your Return on Investment

With over 200 Sales Xceleration Advisors across the U.S., Canada and the U.K. and more than 6,300 client engagements, we have a proven track record of collaborating with PE firms and portfolio clients to build revenue-generating growth engines for each phase of investment.

The businesses we have worked with report an average revenue increase of 32% in the first year.

Our sales experts implement our proven private equity solution to fine-tune sales strategies and enhance sales processes, resulting in improved execution, stronger metrics, and higher valuations more quickly. 

Sales leader using tablet and computer to implement enhanced efficiency strategies
Outsourced sales leader meeting with team to help on a fractional basis

Quality of Sales: A Proven Process

Our focus is on de-risking revenue-generating programs and building long-term revenue streams that lead to higher exit valuations. We do that by assessing, identifying, and implementing proven sales growth strategies based on time-tested methodologies, providing a comprehensive private equity solution for long-term success.

98% of our client realize increased revenue within first year

Our Quality of SalesTM offering empowers PE Firms and portfolio clients to drive sales transformation to increase revenue, safeguard growth, and enhance valuations through all or a portion of our services:

Performing sales risk analysis to uncover post-acquisition surprises

Verifying existing revenue base and future pipelines

Completing strategic and tactical assessments of the sales organization to uncover gaps

Our growth-focused Fractional Sales Leaders have a proven track record of success and excel at coaching sales teams.

Analyzing the sales team capability of achieving sales goals and recruitment of top-tier talent when needed

Implementing new sales tech solutions, including an AI-based sales playbook for consistency across the organization

Sales Xceleration Case Studies

With over 200 Advisors, we bring proven expertise across all industries. Our clients span diverse sectors, demonstrating how our tailored solutions effectively meet the unique needs of each client, regardless of industry.

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