Private Equity Solutions for Accelerated Growth

As a Private Equity-backed company, we inherently understand the link between profitable, consistent revenue generation and increased valuation.

We help you drive sales transformation to increase revenue, safeguard growth, and enhance valuations using our proven Certified Sales Operating Management SystemTM.

Creating Long-Term Value Throughout the PE Investment Lifecycle

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PRE-ACQUISITION DUE DILIGENCE COMPANY - Due diligence / Assessment (Pre or Post Acquisition)

  • De-risk your investment with Quality of Sales (QoS) Due Diligence
  • Ensure sponsor has a clear view of barriers that could impact predicted revenue streams.


  • Assess the current state of the sales infrastructure (strategy, process, team, tools) to develop a 100-day sales action plan that would ignite growth.
  • Ensure the CEO has clear view of barriers to, and opportunity for growth.


  • Craft solutions to start your growth engine by developing or implementing:
    • Growth strategy
    • Sales process, Sales playbook
    • Sales team evaluation and/or recruiting
    • Establish sales metrics and accountability
    • Implement/update sales toolkit
  • Ensure alignment on strategy, execution, and priorities
  • End Goal: Achieve a steady state of predictable revenue with improved forecasting


  • Maintain alignment to vision, strategy, process and goals
  • Implement agility to competitive threats, market changes and tech changes that could impact predictable revenue
  • Diversify customer concentration
  • Identify additional accelerated growth opportunities to scale beyond the steady growth state and adjust strategy, process and execution to scale beyond the steady growth state
  • Identify additional acquisition opportunities: done by continually evaluating competitive environment, challenges and opportunities based on sales team feedback.
  • Ongoing development of team (coaching, mentoring, training)


  • Pre-exit due diligence to identify gaps that could impact valuation and multiple.
  • Close alignment gaps
  • Develop future growth vision and message with revenue potential for future investment thesis
  • Market positioning for maximized Multiple and Valuation
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Maximizing Organic Growth

Existing revenue streams are critical to establishing a solid foundation for future profit. However, gaps in the sales infrastructure often prevent these streams from delivering consistent, repeatable income.

Regardless of the industry, our Quality of Sales offering is designed to deliver organic revenue growth by addressing sales gaps, enhancing the sales infrastructure for early success.

Sales Risk Analysis

Pre-Acquisition: Our due diligence process offers sponsors crucial insights into the true state of a company’s sales infrastructure, mitigating investment risks by uncovering undisclosed sales infrastructure challenges that could impact future performance.

Post-Acquisition: Our sales assessment uncovers sales organization infrastructure and talent needs, pinpointing obstacles that could impact predictable revenue. This risk analysis guides the development of a tailored 100-day action plan, ensuring timely and effective solutions to maximize early-stage growth.

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Holding Period Sales Enrichment

Our approach during the Holding Period focuses on implementing strategic and tactical enhancements to the sales processes and organization, ensuring efficient and effective execution of sales strategies.

Our goal is the same as yours: to build a high-performing sales organization while layering on new, profitable revenue streams to increase valuation.

Outsourced sales leader meeting with team to help on a fractional basis
Sales Team strategizing how to boost sales performance for the upcoming year

Private Equity Sales Transformation

Our proven system, implemented by sales experts, often leads to sales transformation, empowering you to maximize your financial take-out and ensuring long-lasting success even after our experts leave.

We prioritize building a solid foundation for growth by implementing proven sales processes and equipping sales teams with time-tested tools. As you progress to the Value Realization and Exit stage, our services help your portfolio company ignite sales growth, leading to the highest valuation possible.

Quality of Sales aids in documenting and supporting revenue assumptions, ensuring alignment across the executive team, and fostering the development of a compelling growth storyline and vision for the investment thesis.

Sales Expertise in Action

Sales Xceleration Advisors offer Fractional Sales Leadership to complement executive teams and provide expertise across the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. to support your portfolio companies wherever they operate.

Regardless of your industry – we have you covered.

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