Steve Hammons has been a senior sales and business executive for 25 years. His passion is driven by organizing, building, and leading explosive growth businesses. Steve has worked with both complex Fortune 500 corporate environments (Intrapreneur) as well as bootstrapped startups (Entrepreneur). As a senior sales leader with full P&L responsibilities, his focus has been primarily on top line revenue creation through multiple sales channels, marketing, customer-centric operations, and building a culture of sales success. Steve’s mission is to help businesses find their lane and accelerate growth.

Businessmen meeting and planning

Start Me Up

As an eternal optimist, I can’t resist imagining the business environment after this “storm” has passed.  My career has been focused on building and rebuilding businesses, so I’m hardwired to think this way.  And because of the wildly varied experiences I’ve had working with startups and some of the largest corporations in the world, I see a major obstacle or opportunity (depending on your perspective) ahead once we are clear to resume our lives.