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Competitive Analysis

The Value Competitive Analysis Can Have on Driving Sales Growth

If your company hasn’t performed a competitive analysis, you might be wondering…just what is a competitive analysis anyway – and how can it help? Often misunderstood and chronically underutilized, a competitive analysis is a systematic process for identifying key aspects and attributes of your competitors. This empowers you to effectively position your company to compete,…

Sales Goals Meeting

How to Achieve Your Business Goals with Individual Salesperson Goals

  If you want to know how to achieve your business goals by strengthening your sales team performance, it pays to understand the importance of individual salesperson goals. Simply put, properly established individual salesperson goals can and should make it easier for the entire sales team to attain overall measures of sales success. Unfortunately, without…

Sales Team Evaluation

Next-Level Sales Success: Why You Absolutely MUST Assess and Evaluate Your Sales Team Regularly

When thinking about how to gauge sales rep performance and sales team success, the first thing that comes to mind might be measuring results for meeting quotas, hitting sales and revenue targets, improving conversion percentages, etc. Certainly, performance metrics are important. They provide baselines, benchmarks, and key data for process improvement. Unfortunately, most sales organizations…