As an organization of expert VP of Sales “builders” our nationwide team of Advisors not only provides sales strategy, but we also roll up our sleeves to build sales infrastructures that break all-time sales records. This includes taking on the work with running sales teams, such as: hiring, training, conducting weekly sales meetings, creating compensation plans, setting metrics and holding the team accountable." Mark Thacker, President of Sales Xceleration. With over 2600+ years of collective VP of Sales experience, Sales Xceleration provides a proven business model that enables Advisors to perform as outsourced VP of Sales entrepreneurs, while providing businesses cost-effective access to a first-class talent pool of Advisors and industry-leading sales tools. Find the VP of Sales Advisor in your area to understand how they can help you break your all-time company sales record.

Businessman Climbing the Stairs

Every Enlightened Journey and Every Meaningful Climb Begins with a Single Step

Do you use a fitness tracker? If so, you can probably quickly discover how many steps and how many miles you walk in a day. You might be able to tell how high you climb, as well. Unfortunately, what a fitness tracker won’t tell you is if you are on the right course. (You’ll at least need GPS functionality for that!) But regardless of how many steps you take or how high you climb, if you aren’t on the right life path and moving in the right career direction, you’ll end up wasting a great deal of energy and a great deal of time only to end up frustrated and disillusioned.

So, what path are you on? After a long career of success in sales leadership, are you walking in circles or going nowhere on a career treadmill? If so, there’s a better alternative:

Businessman Taking Time to Relax

No Time Like the Present to Give Yourself the Present of Time

After a long career in sales leadership, you’ve undoubtedly used many personal and professional “gifts.” These might have included innate talents such as being a great conversationalist or an accomplished leader, for example. But your gifts could also include the knowledge and skills and expertise you’ve acquired over the years. You’ve given of your gifts…

Business CEO sitting at computer to learn the benefits of business process outsourcing.

The Business Process Outsourcing Trend: How BPO Benefits Businesses of All Sizes

In business process outsourcing, or BPO, subcontractors perform essential business operations in lieu of using internal staff. While many businesses have used external service providers, including freelancers, independent contractors and large-scale third-party enterprises at some point, the use of BPO has continued to expand. I expect this trend to escalate year-over-year as businesses of all sizes…

The Work From Home Stigma is Changing

Why the Remote Work Revolution Should Squash the Stigma Surrounding ‘Part-Time’ Leaders

Before the pandemic, it would have been difficult to imagine that some companies would completely shift from in-office setups to remote work in a matter of months. Few people would have believed entire industries would be able to move online or that businesses could so quickly pivot their operational models to work in a remote, quarantined world.…

Woman Sales VP Thinking About the Future

A New Beginning After All These Years?

It’s only natural from time to time to reflect on where you’ve been and what you’ve accomplished. If you’re a seasoned sales executive with a long career already behind you and a solid track record of success, you’ve probably got much to be proud of – and thankful for. In fact, maybe you’ve already accomplished…

Stressed Sales Leader

Feeling Out of Control? Take Charge of Your Next Career Act.

“Due to circumstances beyond our control…” Does anything good ever come from an opening line like that? Not usually, I’ll admit, but it is possible. For instance, when hard times hit – for whatever reason – and the economy suffers, your livelihood might be on shaky ground. In the moment, that can certainly seem like…