As an organization of expert VP of Sales “builders” our nationwide team of Advisors not only provides sales strategy, but we also roll up our sleeves to build sales infrastructures that break all-time sales records. This includes taking on the work with running sales teams, such as: hiring, training, conducting weekly sales meetings, creating compensation plans, setting metrics and holding the team accountable." Mark Thacker, President of Sales Xceleration. With over 2600+ years of collective VP of Sales experience, Sales Xceleration provides a proven business model that enables Advisors to perform as outsourced VP of Sales entrepreneurs, while providing businesses cost-effective access to a first-class talent pool of Advisors and industry-leading sales tools. Find the VP of Sales Advisor in your area to understand how they can help you break your all-time company sales record.

Confident Sales Leader in Team Meeting

No Matter the Crisis, Success Calls for Positive Thinking and Confident Leadership

Let’s face it, in the face of a pandemic (or any crisis, for that matter), it’s tough to keep your eyes on the proverbial prize and model the optimism needed to sustain forward drive. But whatever your goal – big stakes or small – and no matter the challenges and obstacles in your path, success…

Businessman Traveling for Work

Dreading the Excessive Travel of “Business as Usual?” Here’s an Alternative

Working from home during the Pandemic, you probably developed a radically different “new normal.” Perhaps you’ve had time to reflect, to enjoy family time, to rediscover hobbies and interests and passions. Maybe you even got a taste of how you would spend your time in semi-retirement. And yet … you’re not ready to retire, are…