I am the President of Simple Sales Solutions, and I am passionate about helping you achieve your business goals and growing sales, now and long-term. I have over 25 years of National & Private Brands sales experience as a Manufacturer and Broker. With over a decade leading U.S. and North American Teams along with a General Manager mindset, I build strategies, process, and teams. We will work together to ensure your sales team can execute and deliver at the ground level. Contact me at 203-832-9145 or alandau@salesxceleration.com to help you grow your sales!

Marketing and Sales Gear Working Together

3 Steps for Achieving Greater Sales

A well-functioning partnership between Marketing and Sales is critical to the growth of any business. But how do you get there and ensure that your efforts are coordinated and that investments in these areas are as efficient and effective as possible? This question is more important than ever as you look to accelerate growth in…