New Advisor Spotlight – Jim Hefty – Austin, TX


We are very pleased to announce that Jim Hefty has joined the Sales Xceleration Team!  Jim is the founder of Lone Star Sales Consulting located in Austin, TX.

Jim is particularly well versed in the high tech arena.  Prior to the formation of Lone Star, Jim spent 33 years in the high technology networking, storage and security markets for hardware, software and services sales.  He is a charismatic and polished leader, coaching sales teams to grow their business as well as “know” their business.  Jim’s passion is mentoring both sales teams and business owners to exceed their goals.  Jim will be a tremendous resource for Austin area business owners.

Jim has a BA in Business and American Studies from California State University, Fullerton and resides in Austin, TX with his wife, Jonnie. In his spare time Jim enjoys golf, tennis, sport fishing and learning about great regional wines.

Check out Jim’s outsourced sales advisor profile or LinkedIn profile to learn more about his professional experience.