New Advisor Spotlight – Tom Morgan – Portland, Maine


We are delighted to announce that Tom Morgan has joined the Sales Xceleration team of licensed Advisors.

Tom brings significant experience and expertise in sales management consulting to serve businesses in the Portland, Maine area. He is an accomplished sales management expert dedicated to bringing superior focus and top results to businesses in need of sales leadership.

As Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Sales Solutions LLC, Tom brings over 25 years of successful sales management experience and sales performance leadership to serve small and mid-sized businesses throughout Maine. With Tom’s guidance, these businesses can align proven sales strategies, sales processes, and sales team direction to achieve their business growth goals.

Tom has P and L management experience with companies ranging from $8M to $450M in revenue; and utilizes this vast and diverse experience to create customizable and scalable sales solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

Now, as an outsourced Portland, Maine-area sales consultant and licensed Sales Xceleration Advisor, Tom will leverage his extensive background with high-growth companies such as Reebok, PUMA, Keds, and Life is Good with the power of Sales Xceleration’s proven sales growth and sales management systems. This powerful combination will help small and medium-sized businesses increase sales and boost profits for sustainable sales performance.

Tom and his wife of 33 years, Kim, reside in Ocean Park, Maine and have two grown children. As an avid runner, biker, and hiker, Tom takes advantage of the many outdoor opportunities Maine has to offer.

We are confident Tom will be a key ally for sales management success for businesses in the Portland area. To learn more about Tom and how he can help your business succeed, check out his website. Curious about how your sales organization compares to the ideal model? Take Tom’s free, 10-question, Sales Agility Assessment and receive a custom report outlining what you are doing well, and where there may be room for improvement.