Meet Our Outsourced VP of Sales

Kyle Ancelin, ASM

Vancouver, BC

Kyle brings a wealth of experience in building sales teams, creating dynamic, challenging and productive work environments and building solid processes to ensure success.
Bob Cariglia

Bob Cariglia, ASM

Toronto, ON

Toronto, ON

Bob serves small and mid-sized companies to develop and implement customized strategies for profitable and sustainable revenue growth.

Roy Demederios

Roy De Medeiros

Toronto, ON

Roy has 25+ years of experience and enjoys creating world class sales processes, elite performance sales teams, and robust pipelines to unlock his clients potential.
Susie Halasz

Susie Halasz, ASM

Halton, ON

Halton, Ontario – Canada

For over 20 years, Susie has provided sales leadership excellence to businesses resulting in predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

Phil Hammond, ASM

Calgary, AB

Phil is an innovative and collaborative, executive leader, and business partner. He is committed to helping your busienss successfully manage and support, an innovative, and high-performance sales team now and into the future.
Kael Pollard

Kael Pollard, CSL

Ontario, ON

With 20+ years in sales leadership, Kael is an expert in driving growth and building top-tier teams. His strategic, KPI-focused approach fosters collaboration & empowers teams to excel with a people-first mindset.
Scott Wilson, ASM

Scott Wilson, ASM

Greater Vancouver, BC

Vancouver, BC

Scott leverages over 30 years of sales leadership expertise to build successful, high-performing sales teams for the clients he serves.
Steve Wittal, ASM

Steve Wittal, ASM

Greater Toronto and Ontario, ON

Kitchener, Ontario – Canada

Steve Wittal brings experience and expertise in sales leadership consulting to serve businesses in the greater Toronto, Ontario area of Canada.