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4 Tips for Succeeding as a New Sales Manager

What do skilled sales professionals and effective managers have in common? Frankly, not much. And when someone leverages sales skills to gain success in a management role, it’s not just a new job title — it’s a whole new world.
I learned this lesson when I was promoted to sales manager. I’d been an integral part of the sales team, but once I became responsible for managing the team, instead of executing the strategy, my relationship with my colleagues transformed.

Active Listening in Sales: The Secret to Selling More by Overcoming Objections and Providing Real Solutions

Active listening is one of the most important skills in the salesperson’s toolbelt. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked and undervalued in the sales process. The result? Sales that should be easy instead become difficult. Sales efforts that can only lead to frustration – for the salesperson and the prospect – continue toward inevitable dead ends.…

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Using the Ride-Along for Better Sales Management and Coaching

Sales management has many proven methods, but in organizations where sales personnel meet with clients and prospects beyond company walls, sales management is usually done in absentia. While the Sales Manager may occasionally coach to enhance sales performance, that coaching is normally based on sales data and the salesperson’s rather biased sales activity reports. It…

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Does the Internet Mean You Don’t Need a Salesperson?

As sophisticated as the Internet has become as a platform for information and commerce, it’s only natural for the owner of a small or medium size business to ask: “Do I really need a salesperson?” After all, if you expect the Internet – and more specifically, your company website – to handle finding, funneling, and…