Business woman working on a sales process to meet modern buyer needs.

Creating a Sales Process That Meets Modern Buyer Needs

The sales world has been evolving for years, with traditional tactics like paper marketing and face-to-face sales meetings slowly giving way to more digital-first strategies that reflect the desires of the modern buyer. By 2019, 81% of buyers were doing online research before committing to a purchase, showing how important a persuasive and informative online presence has…

Sales Pipeline

Mastering Your Sales Pipeline

All B2B companies have a sales pipeline, but few small and mid sized business owners can rely on it to run their business. Many companies who struggle with sales also lack an accurate sales forecast. I work with business owners every day who are trying to get a handle on their pipeline and improve the…

Sales Process Meeting

From Pipeline to Bottom Line: How to Boost Your Sales Team Effectiveness

It might seem the only necessary indicator of sales success is the bottom line. If your sales team is contributing to healthy profits, it’s all good, right? Well, not necessarily. The sales process has many stages – from building the pipeline, to nurturing prospects, to closing deals and managing customer relationships. Along the way, there…

Sales forecasting

Why Sales Forecasting Will Be More Important than Ever in 2021

While 2020 has been anything but predictable, nobody knows exactly what 2021 holds. By taking a scientific approach to forecasting your sales, you can avoid potential problems with your KPIs. It’s time to shift your sales process to focus on the future instead of dwelling on the past. Few businesses were left untouched by COVID-19…

Developing a Comp Plan

How to Develop a Sales Compensation Plan

How to Develop a Sales Compensation Plan

Description: Not sure how to create a proper sales compensation plan for your small business? Here are some suggestions to get you started.
One of the keys to running a successful small business is developing a sales compensation plan — specifically one that’s good and fair. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know how to develop a sales compensation plan.

In this post, we’ll set out to solve that problem. We’ll also delve into critical sales compensation plan details, such as setting goals, measuring performance, finding a balance between pay and incentives, and updating the plan to align with current market conditions.

Sales team discussing strategies for seasonal fluctuation in their business

Sales Tips and Strategies for Business Facing Seasonal Fluctuations

Every business has its challenges. But when your sales cycle is seasonal, it introduces a host of unique issues that can threaten a company’s bottom-line sustainability and inhibit future growth. When you have uneven periods of sales and annual revenue depends on a narrow window of opportunity, planning carries a higher risk of being off-target and misdirecting cash flow. The reality is that if your season doesn’t go well, the whole year can be lost.

revenue growth

3.5 Ways to Jump-Start Revenue Growth and Sales

“Accelerating revenue growth” is by far the topic we get the most questions about. It seems everyone seeks the “silver bullet” – that one thing that will make all the difference in their sales – but, frankly, we’ve never seen a single change capable of significantly increasing sales. Rather, we’ve witnessed companies achieve revenue growth…