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Prepared to Lead Your Sales Team This Year? Here’s How to Make Sure!

If you want to know how to be a successful sales manager, you might first think about your experience and track record in sales. After all, if you’ve succeeded in sales, you’re all set to succeed leading your sales team, right? Well, it’s probably not that simple. Why Sales Team Leadership Matters Why is sales…

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Top Five Areas Where Effective Sales Leaders Excel

Superior sales leadership is the driving force behind superior sales results. But what drives the efforts of superior sales leaders? If you ask the Certified Sales Leader facilitators of Sales Xceleration, these are the five key areas essential to leading sales performance and success: Foundations for Sales Success Effective sales leaders might keep their eyes…

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How Effective Sales Leadership Training Delivers Results

How Effective Sales Leadership Training Delivers Results

A significant number of newly appointed sales managers find themselves lacking a major tool when assuming the role: sales leadership training. According to our Sales Agility Assessment, 94% of companies do very little sales training. Beyond that, more than half of small and midsize businesses don’t engage their salespeople in leadership training of any kind.

A sales cycle for a salesperson is predicated on cultivating and nurturing relationships, which are strengths any sales manager should possess. That time pounding the pavement and following up on leads, however, doesn’t provide new sales managers with the leadership tools they need to be effective.

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Is this the Year to Take the Leap of Faith?

Every four years the calendar provides the gift of an extra day. Call it Leap Day. But what if every day had the potential to feel like a gift? It can. Any day in any year can be a gift like Leap Day if it means you are taking a leap of faith by putting yourself on the path toward a brighter future. For many seasoned sales executives and sales leaders, that path leads to sales management consulting. And their leap of faith is really just a transition to their next chapter of professional fulfillment.

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Why (and How) It Pays to Become a Certified Sales Leader

Sales leadership training is clearly important to effective sales leadership; but is it just as important to earn sales leadership training certification? Are there real benefits (and real return on investment) from sales leadership certification programs? And are there risks associated with neglecting sales leadership accreditation? From my perspective, the answers are yes, yes, and yes! Read on to see why – and to learn what you should demand from a sales leadership certification program:

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Sales Leadership Training: Risks, Rewards and Significant ROI Impact

Effective sales leadership and sales management are crucial to sales team performance and bottom-line results. Surprisingly, while a recent Sales Xceleration survey revealed that 96% of Sales Managers recognize the need for sales leadership training, only 1 in 5 organizations budget for it. Why does this sales leadership training gap persist? Three primary reasons: Ignoring the…

Your Best Sales Training Tool: Ongoing Sales Management Coaching

We tend to think of sales training as a project rather than a process. As an occurrence rather than part of the day-to-day culture. As a burden rather than an opportunity. And that’s too bad. Because ongoing sales coaching can elevate total sales team performance and responsibility. It can create empowerment, increase engagement, and improve…

Active Listening in Sales: The Secret to Selling More by Overcoming Objections and Providing Real Solutions

Active listening is one of the most important skills in the salesperson’s toolbelt. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked and undervalued in the sales process. The result? Sales that should be easy instead become difficult. Sales efforts that can only lead to frustration – for the salesperson and the prospect – continue toward inevitable dead ends.…

Why Sales Leadership Training is Worth the Investment

Why Sales Leadership Training is Worth the Investment Because effective sales management is crucial to business success, effective sales leadership training is just as crucial. Unfortunately, many businesses – especially small and medium-sized businesses with smaller sales teams – ignore the importance and impact of training for their sales managers. In fact, a recent Sales Xceleration survey…