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How to Find Your Purpose and Avoid Rocking Chair Regrets (Before It’s Too Late)

I’ve been blessed in so many ways. Great family. Wonderful friends. A strong and supportive team of business associates. Strong faith. And thanks to these blessings, I’ve had some amazing adventures and achieved more than I ever dreamed. I say all of this not to be boastful, but to remind myself – and perhaps inspire you – to continue to make a difference. To live a life of meaning and purpose. To be able – as you sit on that porch in your rocking chair and look back at your life – to have no regrets.
For me, that means living life with a meaningful vision, a sense of mission, a positive attitude, and finally, gratitude. Here’s what I mean:

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Why Outsourced Sales Management Works So Well for So Many Businesses

Have you considered outsourcing your sales function, in particular your sales management? If you’ve wondered about the benefits of outsourcing sales operations and how outsourced sales management works, read on. You might discover that sales outsourcing can take your business to new levels of success.

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How to Use Your Past to Shape a More Purposeful Future

Prolific management guru Peter Drucker once stated that “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” Easier said than done, perhaps. But one way to predictably create a more purposeful future is by applying the hard-earned lessons that have shaped your experience, your expertise and your wisdom. Taken together, these are the talents and capabilities you leverage every day. They are your gifts. And they are valuable not just for your continuing success today, but for tomorrow’s accomplishments and professional fulfillment as well. So, what’s the problem?

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Consider Sales Consulting as Your Corporate Succession Plan

A recent article in USA Today described advancement challenges many Millennial and Generation Z workers face as Baby Boomers choose to stay longer in corporate management and leadership roles. According to a USA TODAY/LinkedIn survey of 1,019 working professionals, more than 40% of respondents in each age group (Gen Z workers are 18 to 23 years…

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Sales Leadership Training: Risks, Rewards and Significant ROI Impact

Effective sales leadership and sales management are crucial to sales team performance and bottom-line results. Surprisingly, while a recent Sales Xceleration survey revealed that 96% of Sales Managers recognize the need for sales leadership training, only 1 in 5 organizations budget for it. Why does this sales leadership training gap persist? Three primary reasons: Ignoring the…

From Zero to Heroes: Sales Xceleration Quickly Reaches 100th Advisor Milestone

From Zero to Heroes: Sales Xceleration Quickly Reaches 100th Advisor Milestone One hundred Advisors and growing! What a ride it has been and continues to be. What a blessing it is to continue to grow our influential network. What an honor it is to work with these experienced, wise and talented outsourced sales management consultants.…

Hope Realized Shows How Sales Management Consultants Help Business Owners

New Book, Hope Realized, Shows How Sales Management Consultants Help Business Owners   What’s it like being a sales management consultant? What’s it like serving as an Outsourced or Fractional VP of Sales for small to mid-sized businesses? What kind of difference do our licensed Advisors make in the lives of business owners and their…

New Advisor Spotlight – Matt McKnight – Chicago, IL

We are delighted to announce that Matt McKnight has joined the Sales Xceleration team of licensed Advisors. Matt brings substantial experience and expertise in sales leadership consulting to serve businesses in the Chicago, Illinois area. He is an accomplished sales management expert dedicated to bringing superior focus and top results to businesses in need of…

New Advisor Spotlight – Glenn Kurtz – Richmond, VA

We are happy to announce that Glenn Kurtz has joined the Sales Xceleration team of licensed Advisors. Glenn brings extensive experience and expertise in sales management consulting to serve businesses in the Richmond, Virginia area. A respected sales management professional with a strong track record optimizing bottom-line results in a variety of industries, Glenn founded…