Take the Guesswork Out of Hiring the Right Sales Candidate

We partner with Breakaway, they do one thing and do it well, they place sales candidates that deliver revenue results.

They have the sales leadership experience to know what type of salesperson you need for your team, so you don’t have to. The Breakaway recruiter works with your Outsourced VP of Sales to guide you in determining what type of individual will benefit your organization and find the right fit for the role. The result is removing the stress out of talent searches for you.

There is a guarantee you will make a hire, and it is backed up with a 90-day guarantee. So, if for whatever reason the new hire is not with your organization in 90 days, the candidate is replaced for free.

Your Outsourced VP of Sales and a seasoned talent manager are ready to help you find a that perfect candidate to grow and increase profits for your organization.

Proven Four Pillar Approach

Team of Veterans Sourcing Talent

You gain the combination of a proven Sales Leader and a dedicated Talent Manager working together to find your ideal hire. They know what type of salesperson your company needs, and they take the guesswork out of finding the right revenue generating candidate for you.

Highly Networked

Their Talent Managers are connected to countless individuals and organizations, enabling them to provide you with enormous value in finding high-quality talent. Combined with the contacts from the sales leadership experience of your OVPS, the candidate pool drawn from is significant.

Hire Based on Sales Skillset & Mindset

Not only do they evaluate the sales skillset you need, they also use a process that effectively assesses the sales mindset of potential talent to determine ideal fit in all areas.

Hire Those That Are Already Exceeding Goals

The talent sourced are already successful in their current role (often employed) and are only willing to make a career move for the right opportunity.

Vetting Your Candidates

Breakaway utilizes an in-depth process where they provide each client with a dedicated Talent Manager that works with your organization and your Outsourced VP of Sales to create the ideal candidate profile for the position(s) you want to fill. A Talent Manager will interview top sales performers within your organization to create a baseline for finding similar candidates.The first round of interviews is done with their team before passing through any potential candidates.This process allows them to provide and receive feedback to find the ideal candidate based on your unique profile.

Your dedicated talent resource will spend 1.5-2 hours with each candidate conducting a customized behavioral assessment to reveal both their behavioral profile and sales skillset, including simulation evaluations of key components of the position. Additionally, Breakaway provides three qualified candidates per position and does so within a few weeks of receiving the request.


“During the entire sales recruiting process, I felt well informed. From start to finish, I can say that our experience was great. I really, really liked that we were being fed candidates who were employed and were sought out for the opportunity versus those candidates who were already actively on the market. This really helped us take our time in the decision-making process since we weren’t racing against a clock to hire a candidate who was actively hunting for a new role.”

David Jarvis

“I have probably worked with over 20 different recruiters in my time, but my experience with Brooke at Breakaway really stood out.  My talent manager was incredibly thorough in understanding my background, skillset and career interests. Furthermore, she always kept me well informed about the process and ultimately helped me secure a new position!  I am very appreciative of the entire team for helping me take the next step in my career journey.”

Stephen Reed

If you are having trouble filling your sales positions with quality candidates, you aren’t alone!
Let Breakaway Sales Recruiting fill your open sales roles.
The average time to fill a position is 73 days!

Talk to a Talent Manager or your Outsourced VP of Sales to find the sales talent you want using an in-depth talent search process.

We are an independent PXT Select™ Authorized Partner and can provide their specialized Behavioral Assessment. This assessment helps profile a candidate’s potential for success and evaluate compatibility with current sales and leadership team members. This assessment service can be used alone or with our Breakaway Sales Recruiting process.

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