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Improving Sales Success Starts with Your Sales Executive Hiring Process

Improving Sales Success Starts with Your Sales Executive Hiring Process
Do you have a revolving door of sales executives? Are your sales reps behind plan? Employee retention and immediate performance are among the top concerns that hiring managers may have about new sales hires. But by making a few simple changes to your hiring and onboarding processes, you can greatly improve your team’s overall success in these areas.

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Home is Where the Heart Is (and Where the Consulting Clients Are)

Home is Where the Heart Is (and Where the Consulting Clients Are)

Home. More than merely a house, home is a state of mind. For many of us, it’s a place to relax, to be ourselves, to kick back and spend precious time with the ones we love. It’s a magnet that draws us back to our longing. It’s a haven.

Home is family. Friends. Community.

And if you look closely enough in the area where you live, home can also be where you’ll find an abundance of customers in an underserved market. It’s where your business as a sales leadership consultant can take root and grow to new heights – without having to board a plane or spend several nights each week in hotels.

Yes, as Dorothy said in The Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.”

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How Effective Sales Leadership Training Delivers Results

How Effective Sales Leadership Training Delivers Results

A significant number of newly appointed sales managers find themselves lacking a major tool when assuming the role: sales leadership training. According to our Sales Agility Assessment, 94% of companies do very little sales training. Beyond that, more than half of small and midsize businesses don’t engage their salespeople in leadership training of any kind.

A sales cycle for a salesperson is predicated on cultivating and nurturing relationships, which are strengths any sales manager should possess. That time pounding the pavement and following up on leads, however, doesn’t provide new sales managers with the leadership tools they need to be effective.

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Hire Now: Why a Sales Hiring Freeze is the Wrong Move?

Hire Now: Why a Hiring Freeze is the Wrong Move?

At times, it can seem like we face more questions than answers during this historic pandemic.

Some sales leaders are wondering specifically about their hiring strategies right now. They see constriction across the economy (the airline, food, retail, and hotel industries have been among the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic), and they want to know if they, too, should institute hiring freezes “until things settle down.”

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Start Me Up

As an eternal optimist, I can’t resist imagining the business environment after this “storm” has passed.  My career has been focused on building and rebuilding businesses, so I’m hardwired to think this way.  And because of the wildly varied experiences I’ve had working with startups and some of the largest corporations in the world, I see a major obstacle or opportunity (depending on your perspective) ahead once we are clear to resume our lives.

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Every Crisis Presents Opportunity

Every Crisis Presents Opportunity

Last week, I had the pleasure of listening to a webinar featuring Jason Kuhn. If you have not heard about Jason, he is a former Division 1 baseball player who later became a Navy Seal. Jason also started a company called Stonewall Solutions to teach leadership to firms throughout the world.
On his last webinar, he focused on teamwork and leadership during crisis. If you are like me, you have listened to countless Zoom calls over the past several weeks. This talk was different. Jason focused on being in the present, fulfilling expectations, and fixing what you can fix now. These tactics are important for small, medium, and large sized businesses today and can be easily summarized for immediate engagement.

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Tune Up Your Sales Engine in a Market Slowdown

Tune up your Sales Engine in a Market Slowdown

Business owners and CEOs must reevaluate all business functions during a shutdown period. A key area to focus on is the sales function, including what adjustments will be needed to prepare a business for ramp up, and position a company to quickly capture new opportunities and revenue sources. Sales are the lifeblood of most businesses, and there are several steps that you can take to improve results during and after a period of market slow down.