7 Books That Will Prepare Your Business For Black Friday (And Cyber Monday) Sales Success

The end-of-year holidays are almost upon us. If your business sells anything to consumers, from cashmere sweaters to downloads, you surely have a Black Friday–Cyber Monday weekend plan. However, before you get to the Thanksgiving table, I encourage you to chew on at least one or two of the following sales reads. Read more at…

Business Woman Climbing Steps in Career

Consider Sales Consulting as Your Corporate Succession Plan

A recent article in USA Today described advancement challenges many Millennial and Generation Z workers face as Baby Boomers choose to stay longer in corporate management and leadership roles. According to a USA TODAY/LinkedIn survey of 1,019 working professionals, more than 40% of respondents in each age group (Gen Z workers are 18 to 23 years…

Sales leader effectively leading his sales team toward their goals

Five Dangerous Sales Leadership Traps – And How To Avoid Them

It seems simple: Effective leaders lead effectively. For the sales leader, that typically demands getting top performance and superior results from sales team members. While leadership style matters — according to Daniel Goleman, a manager’s leadership style can be responsible for up to 30% of a company’s profitability — common traps often undermine sales success.